Big ideas for Small Yards

Sacramento swimming pool builder Swimming pool designs for small backyards. A freeform pool with a raised wall. A beautiful night time shot of this magnificent small backyard swimming pool Classic lines swimming pool and spa In interesting view is provided over the top of this swimming pool and spa Raised concrete fire pit leads to a small backyard dipping pool. A classic water feature for your backyard A beautiful lap pool is designed for this long narrow yard. Big ideas for small backyards. Jim Chandler is a Sacramento expert swimming
pool builder with over 35 years of inspiration and design.

14 thoughts on “Big ideas for Small Yards”

  1. i watched the entire video over and over just for the music alone!!! very nice and thank you for taking time out of your life Jim chandler for sharing creative ideas to enhance our well-being.

  2. notice he doesn't show the next door neighbors homes or the trees. so you have no privacy and tons of leaves  laying in your yard and the pool. not ot mention the constant upkeep an the additional property taxes you pay for putting a in ground pool in.

  3. This [Go ] is by far one of the best collections and designs I have ever a come across on landscape design which I have purchased. It is well organized, with great colors and photographs, concept and designs. These designs is for everyone, from the novice to the trained professional. Great source for inspiration and ideas.

  4. Are you actually willing to build a small pool in a small yard? If you are then can you give me an ideal cost cause my parents want a small pool. We’re looking at the fourth pool shown in the video.

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