How to Propagate a Jade Plant from Cuttings – Part 1

hi welcome to easy-peasy gardening my
name is Ruchi and today I am going to show you how to propagate a jade plant
so this is a jade plant just in case you have never seen it so this is a kind of
succulent so the leaves are really thick and they hold a lot of water which is
very good for you know arid conditions where there is no water so this plant
can survive even in drought situations and here is the small jade plant I
made for my office so it looks pretty cool here. So as per feng shui it promotes positive mental health by nourishing the chi. So it’s a very good
plant to have in your house. So here I have a cutting from a big jade plant
actually the Jade plants can grow up to six feet in height so this is from a
plant which was planted in the ground so we have a cutting from it so
I’m going to make some smaller cuttings because this if I put in this
spot it will be very unwieldy if I put it in a bigger pot then the pot will
look empty and it will not look nice so I’m going to cut this so there are three
shoots here so I’m going to cut these shoots very close to the main stem and
when I’m cutting it you should always cut it at the angle you know slanted so
that there is more area exposed and more area for roots to grow. So if
you look closely it is slanted clean cut and in the same way here Oh so here the next one I’ll show you
you see it is slanted so the more area is exposed so more place for roots to
grow in all of them. So I have a pot in which has holes at the bottom so that you know
whenever you water it and if there is excess water it gets drained out this is
very important for every plant that you plant. So here I have
a root Hormone mix because this stem is really thick you know I’m a little
worried whether this will grow or not so I’m going to put some root hormone on
the exposed edge so basically it is the powder and I dip it in this like this okay and then so what I’m going to do
I’m going to put this one in the middle and they are the other ones all around
so just make a deep hole because this is a big stem so it needs some support so
like three inches deep and just stick it in now I’m going to take this it seems
to me that they are very tall for the size because they’ll just fall off so
I’m going to cut them off again in a slanted way before and these probably
don’t need root hormone but I’m just going since I have taken it out I’m just
going to dip it in this in any case and just make a hole like 2 inches deep
because they are heavy because of the thick leaves they are heavy so you want
to dig them deep and this was the bottom it is important
now I have cut both the sides so you have to remember which one was the
bottom otherwise if you put it the other way around it’s not going to grow so
this will also grow and this probably can go just like that so I’m going to add some more soil so
that they hold the place so you see now the reason I cut it because now you know
the whole plant even though we have just planted it it looks good you know and
when it grows and you know it starts to grow big then we’ll just cut it out and
we replant it okay so the planting is done now we need to water it so the jade plant needs very little
water so once I mean of course just after planting it needs a little bit
care but otherwise it needs very little water and very little care and it likes
lot of Sun so you should put it in a place where it gets around 3-4 hours of
Sun or if you want to put it inside the house like this one like this small one
then I’ll put it around a window or something or maybe move it around like
if it is on my office desk and it is not getting any light then maybe I’ll move
it around every week and give it some Sun and yeah so about fertilizer so if you
have compost then you should use compost and there is no need of any other
fertilizer but if you don’t have compost then you can buy any organic fertilizer
from the market and use it say every six months or so if you want to replant the
this plant then you should do it in the springtime when it is the growth time so
you just take it out put it in a bigger planter fill it with soil and it will
just grow in a plant if you liked the video press the like button and
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